FAQ General

How long does a game last?

One round, depending on the number of participants lasts approximately 45-120 minutes.

Can we bring a bag or backpack into the playing area?

Yes. You could easily take your stuff into the game room with our miniature golf caddies.

From what age can I play without adult supervision?

From age 16.

Are we allowed to bring our own refreshments?


Should we wear special shoes while playing?


Even if I’m wearing dioptrical glasses will I be able to use the 3D glasses?


Can I modify or delete my reservation?

A free cancelling is possible until 24 hours before the start of the game. Send us an e-mail with your reservation number. Later cancellations will be charged with 1500Ft per player. For all changes please send us an email with the corresponding reservation number.

FAQ children

Is there an age limit?

All visitors must be at least 6-years-old. Also, all minors aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

One adult can accompany up to four children.

We’d like to hold a birthday party or another event at NEONIS, what should we keep in mind?

Due to the increased number of visitors at the weekend, we recommend that parties and events be organised Monday to Thursday.

Monday to Thursday you are allowed to bring small snacks like biscuits and cakes with you. Consumption of individually packaged soft drinks is not permitted.

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, the consumption of snacks is not allowed.

How many adults are required to accompany children?

One adult can accompany and supervise up to four children. An adult is someone who is over the age of 16.
This rule is for school groups as well, and we cannot make any exceptions.

What happens if we arrive without adult supervision?

Children aged 15 and under cannot enter without adult supervision. We kindly ask everybody to keep this in mind, before arriving at Neonis.